The NFT collection « Son of Jacks »

Son of Jacks, the best music family EVER

The Jackson family changed the world of music forever.

This family is vibrant.
They have a gift : to entertain.

MJ is still alive in our hearts, he is the godfather of the family.
He will be the first member of the family to have his digital and physical deck of cards.

Informations about the deck of MJ cards :

  • Heart will be Jackson 5 area cards
  • Spades will be Off the wall and Thriller areas cards
  • Clover will be Bad/dangerous areas
  • Diamonds will be History/Blood on the dance floor/invincible areas cards

What is the « Son of Jacks » project ?

A secret collection of 4744 NFT’s and real cards around a the best music family.
A part of the fund we will make will be send to the family I love since i was a kid !

Because I’m a smooth criminal… You know !

Are you OK ?

Why ?

In 2009, I was destroyed. My « second’ dad, Michael Jackson, passed away just weeks before I will meet him with my wife. It was hard, really hard…

But it’s life. It’s nothing compare for those who passed away during 911 or any other bad thing in this world.
But for me, it’s was everything at that time.
And now, I want to give as much as this Jackson family gives me.
It’s why I’m working on « Son of Jacks ».

Something is happening here…

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